Why you should get your gear serviced

From those that dive hundreds of times a year to those that occasionally pop in the water, we all have guidelines we must follow to keep ourselves and our dive buddies safe.

As fun as diving is, your equipment is supporting your life and should be treated with such importance!

Think of your dive gear as you think of your car. Generally, every 3 months or 3,000 miles you must take it in for an oil change. You do this to keep it running smoothly and you know stretching it out and buying yourself time could result in damaging your car. Your dive gear doesn’t have oil to change, but they do contain several other pieces to replace.

Small 1st Stage Leak

The Annual Service:

  • Year 1: Bench Check
  • Year 2: Full Service
  • Year 3: Bench Check
  • Year 4: Full Service
  • and so on…

Now we know there are some out there that only dive a few times in a year and might see the manufacturer’s suggested “100 dives” and think they’re nowhere close to that. However, just because they aren’t underwater as much as others doesn’t mean their gear will go longer. O-rings are rubber and go bad or dry out, parts corrode and stop up; things just get old!

When your gear is serviced it’s broken down to individual pieces, the parts are checked for any glaring issues, O-rings are replaced, parts are lubed, and then the entire unit is thoroughly tested for smooth and consistent operation. When it comes to servicing your gear there is no reason to skip out, don’t risk it. Stick with routine and make sure you’re always diving safely! And if you notice a problem, no matter how small, stop diving it and have it checked immediately!

Think you need to get your gear serviced?

You know where we are! We strive to give you the best possible service we can! While also being here to help answer any of the questions you may have about your gear in general.

We here at Airtech want to thank all of those who have entrusted your gear to us over the years! As always, we will continue to work to become even better than we are now. And most importantly, we hope to see you all in the water!

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