Dive Center Pricing

Welcome, Dive Centers!

Good dive centers are the backbone of the entire world-wide scuba culture and they always will be. The only divers who continue to dive as a lifetime activity are those who were trained well initially in scuba skills and equipment selection, handling, and care. The ONLY place this can happen and happen well is in a good dive shop.

We love working alongside our dive centers to make sure their customers are diving with professionally serviced equipment. If there are any manufacturers you are not certified in or if you have questions on equipment you are working on, sign up for a Dive Center account!

What the account provides:

Airtech offers dive centers reduced pricing on the cost of labor and our expert guidance. With your account, you won’t only be able to send in your customer’s equipment but also have a team of highly skilled technicians for consultations. We have dive center’s call us for questions ranging from ‘Is this customer’s equipment still serviceable?” to “I’m having trouble servicing this piece, can you help, or should I send it in?”.

What you need to set up the account:

You’ll need to provide us with proof that you are a brick-and-mortar retail or training facility. This is normally covered with a link to your website.

How to get started:

To get established as one of our Dive Center accounts or to get more information contact us! Email or call us and we’ll help answer your question or get you set up!