Welcome Dive Retailer!

Good dive retailers are the backbone of the entire world-wide scuba culture – and they always will be. The only divers who actually continue to dive as a lifetime activity are those who were trained well initially in scuba skills and equipment selection, handling, and care. The ONLY place this can happen and happen well is in a good dive shop.

Airtech offers wholesale rates and a lot of other considerations (like technician training opportunities and service business courses that may help you make a little more money with a little less hassle in these tough times) to the professional dive retail community.We use this web page to make contact with good retailers, but not to do business with good retailers. For that, we use our telephone… hey – we’re service technicians, NOT internet geekowonks.

Please understand that in order for us to give you our wholesale pricing, you’ll need to be able to submit proof that you are indeed a retail facility – basically just the same documents that DEMA asks for when you attend their show. Thanks for understanding.

To get established as one of our wholesale accounts and to get information on our wholesale rates, etc., just give us a call at 919-255-1888.

AirTech is open Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 7PM, Saturday 10AM to 5PM.