We are factory-authorized technicians for every major brand of diving equipment available in the United States and will honor the manufacturer’s parts-provision warranty for whatever piece of equipment you own, as long as you provide current proof of warranty status.

We service equipment for divers around the world and provide a wide arrange of services. Below you’ll find the process for shipping in equipment, and the break down of a normal set to be serviced. If you are looking for cylinder services or specialty equipment services, check out our full list of services.

Scuba Equipment Service


Current turnaround:
$35 per stage + price of parts

Expedited 3-7 day turnaround:
$50 per stage + price of parts

Expedited 24-48 hour turnaround:
$55 per stage + price of parts

All equipment shipped in will also be charged shipping and handling to return the items based on UPS pricing for your package size and destination.

The Process

The current turnaround time is noted on the homepage of our ticket system.

For annual service on regulators, we completely disassemble the regulator and clean all of the parts as prescribed by the manufacturer. We then reassemble the regulator, replacing the warranty parts (typically this includes but may not be limited to the filter, valve seats, and dynamic O-rings), and inspecting all of the components. Once reassembled, the regulator is put on our flow bench and tuned to the manufacturer’s specifications for interstage pressures, flow rates, cracking pressure (inhalation effort) and exhalation effort.

If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us!

So, a “normal” set of equipment would be 4 stages plus 4 service kits:

  1. BCD + service kit
  2. First stage (connects to the tank) + service kit
  3. Primary stage (main regulator you breathe from) + service kit
  4. Alternate air source (attached to the first stage or on the BCD) + service kit

How to get your equipment serviced with us

  1. Submit a ticket on our ticket system. There will be several questions, so please double check all the information and describe any issues you may be having.
  2. Check your email. Our support system will shoot you an email when the ticket is completed. This automated email is sometimes grabbed by spam-blockers so check your spam or junk folders! In this email, you’ll not only get a verification the ticket was submitted, but also receive a ticket number and a link to check your ticket status. If you don’t get an email after 15 minutes, shoot us a call and we’ll give you the ticket number over the phone.
  3. Ship us your equipment! How you ship it to us is up to you, we will use UPS to ship back but we accept UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Within the box, please include a copy of your ticket or some notation as to your ticket number. Then on the outside of the box, please also write your ticket number to expedite inbound processing.
  4. First Email/Ticket response. We will use the ticket comment system to verify the package was received and your equipment is in the queue to be serviced. The ticket system will notify you of this message via email. If there is anything out of the ordinary, we will contact you to verify if we should proceed with service along the way.
  5. Final Email/Ticket response. We will comment with another message noting your equipment is finished and attached an itemized invoice.
  6. Final Processing and shipping back. We will call to verify the address and collect payment. Then, ship you back your equipment!

We’d even appreciate a phone call if this will be your first experience with us. It’s a good way to get all of your questions answered and for us to get to know you.

Manufacturers we service

We are proud certified technicians for:

AGA full-face masks
Aqualung / USDivers / Apeks

Ocean Reef full-face masks
OTS full-face masks


*Note: If a manufacturer stops supporting one of their products due to it’s age, we may not be able to service it because parts will no longer be available. If you have an older piece of equipment, we suggest you contact us first to confirm we can service it.

Manufacturers we can’t service

We can’t service everything. But maybe we can still be helpful.

If your regulator shows up on the list below, it does not mean it can’t be serviced. It just can’t be serviced by us. Please give us a call at 919-255-1888 and we’ll advise you as to where you might find an appropriate service center. Please understand that many (but not all) of the companies listed below are no longer in existence.

Dacor prior to 1998
Dive Rite

Kirby Morgan
Pro Sub

Sea Elite
Scuba Max
Us Tech
XS Scuba
Z 90