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Head Technician

Shane came to Airtech after a mere 27 years serving in the Army. He’s been diving since 2005 and wound up with us in 2013. Since then, he’s picked up a massive amount of information and is our Master Technician. With this skill set, he’s mentored all of the staff as they’ve become skilled technicians in their own right. Though, still serving as a technical advisor when special situations arise.

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What is a bench test?

The 4 parts Our dive equipment normally consists of 4 main parts. The 1st stage: This attaches to the tank and provides air to the 2nd stages and BCD The primary 2nd stage: This is the regulator you normally breathe off of The alternate 2nd stage: This is often called your octopus and can be on a normal hoseRead more about Shane[...]

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Why you should get your gear serviced

From those that dive hundreds of times a year to those that occasionally pop in the water, we all have guidelines we must follow to keep ourselves and our dive buddies safe. As fun as diving is, your equipment is supporting your life and should be treated with such importance! Think of your dive gearRead more about Shane[...]