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Evan hasn’t been around as long as the others at Airtech but even with his limited time, he’s done his best to use every opportunity available to hit the water and blow bubbles. After being certified through our sister company, Gypsy Divers, in 2017 he quickly found himself drawn to the shop and the great people here. So the following summer, he applied for a job, and of course, we had to say yes! When he’s not working on regulators in Airtech or out on a dive, he usually spends his time with his many fishes, plus a lizard, he keeps at home. Well that or playing video games, but as a Gen Z’er we aren’t shocked.

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Why you should get your gear serviced

From those that dive hundreds of times a year to those that occasionally pop in the water, we all have guidelines we must follow to keep ourselves and our dive buddies safe. As fun as diving is, your equipment is supporting your life and should be treated with such importance! Think of your dive gearRead more about Evan[...]