Introduction to Regulator Service Course

Our intro tech course is back! This course is perfect for the experienced diver that wants an in-depth exploration of scuba equipment. This course is for those that have a genuine interest in the various types of regulators and what goes on under the purge cover.

Dates Planned:

Resuming Winter 2021

Each Weekend’s Plan:

  • Friday: 6 PM – 9 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Sunday: 9 AM – TBD

The hands-on disassembly, re-assembly, and adjustment, were crucial to understanding all aspects of regulators, but especially the service technician’s perspective. You quickly realize just how much work goes into the annual service.

Rolin B

The breakdown:


This is a 3-day weekend course exploring the parts, functionality, and science behind various types of regulators. This is a brand-independent course that will look at the general breathing technology. This is not a certification course to become a regulator technician.


This is for any diver that has the desire to learn more about regulators, be it their own or others on the market. These 3 days are your chance to peak inside the mind of a regulator technician, learn their diagnostic procedure, better appreciate the complexity of your equipment, and further your knowledge of the dive world.


It’s fascinating. While you might not be able to crack open your own regulator after this course, this knowledge will allow you to become a better diver that can potentially diagnose problems, prevent issues when diving, and better chose equipment to fit your needs in the future.

[I liked] getting a better understanding of all that happens when AirTech does a repair. Happy I was able to attend this class, Shanes a great guy and very knowledgeable.

Bill C


The course will be held at Airtech’s home, Gypsy Divers Aquatic Center.

Course Cost: $299

Course Limit: 6 students per session

Course Instructor: Shane Briggs

Want to sign up now?

Since we are limiting our courses to 6 people per weekend, sign up as soon as you can! If we are out of space, we’ll put your name down for either a waitlist or a new course, based on demand.

[I liked] the sharing of information around the room with a bunch of experienced divers connecting what we were learning to what we already know.

Joe R


What information should I expect to learn?

The course is designed to give you a strong working knowledge in the basic theory and application of regulators and the introduction to common scuba tools, special application tools, diagnostic, and tuning tools. This includes a typical service procedure, breakdown of typical parts, types of first and second stage regulators, diagnostic measurements, and typical sounds heard when testing equipment.
The course is followed by hands-on disassembly and assembly of different types of regulators, as well as a demonstration on testing and fine-tuning a regulator.

Is there anything I can or should do to prepare for the course?

We recommend buying and reading through Regulator Savvy from Scuba Tools. However, this is not a requirement.
For more information on the book, please visit their site:

Can I get a job as a regulator service technician after this?

Not necessarily. This course does not qualify you for any certifications. To become a regulator technician, you would need to go through a certification course with each manufacture you wish to service and work for a store that is a dealer.

Can I service my own equipment after this?

No. Please do not open your regulator. If you ever have any issues with your regulator, even if you believe you know the solution, bring it into a certified technician. Many manufactures will not follow through with warranties due to non-certified interference.

How do I give feedback after the class?

Our online form is a great way to provide feedback! We greatly appreciate all feedback we receive. It will help us improve the course for future students.