When’s the best time to get your dive equipment serviced?

An obvious question?

For an obvious question, there would be an obvious answer, right? Of course, you service your dive equipment before you need to dive. You service it after it has been sitting for a few years. And you service it based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually in year intervals.

But of course, it’s not that simple of an answer because we have insider information. The best time to get your dive equipment serviced is now, during the winter!

The cyclic aquatic industry

From of Gypsy Divers Aquatic Center building

We share our building with two businesses. Gypsy Swim School and a scuba shop, Gypsy Divers. If you’re here long enough, you notice a trend. As the months creep towards summer, the store becomes busier and busier. Even with the heated indoor pool to train in, people don’t want to get certified in a cold quarry in the middle of January. So, they wait for warmer weather.

In general, people don’t seem to gravitate to water in the frozen months. Our swim school’s hallways are less boisterous, our schedule less packed, our store less frequented.

Gypsy Divers Aquatic Center pool, half underwater and half viewing the deck

But what do these trends mean for you?

The cyclic service center

In the winter, people aren’t talking about diving quite so much, they aren’t signing up for trips, and they aren’t thinking about servicing their equipment.

So, our shelves aren’t as full, the technicians don’t have such a long queue to get through, and you don’t have as long to wait. The trend we’ve seen is that it’s winter, your equipment is out of sight, out of mind, so you don’t think to get it serviced…until you need to pack for a trip. Of course, we do offer expedite services if you’re a late packer, as some of us are, but why pay extra when you can get it done early?

Diver packing for their trip

 Planning for the future

A lot of our customers get on a yearly cycle. Every year, around the same time, they get their stuff serviced. It’s a great habit to get into and even better if you can get that cycle moved into the winter.

Coming Soon: Our point-of-sale providers have informed us that they are rolling out automatic service reminders! Huge shoutout to DiveShop360, as we’ve had a great time working with them and are excited to offer this to our customers!

Want to start yourself on a winter cycle?

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